Chicken Bone Stock Grain Free Hard Pet Treat

This grain free treat is as easy to make and will easily please your pet. And since it’s a RTTB recipe, you know it will be easy to digest with packed nutrition. One of the best benefits of using garbanzo beans, is not only the non grain nutrition, but that it bakes into a firm “hard” biscuit. This is great!


What you’ll need:

Chicken Bone Stock Grain Free Hard Pet Treat

Chicken Bone Stock Grain Free Hard Pet Treat

2 cups course ground dehydrated garbanzo bean (optional- Textured food is a big boost to the psychology of our pets. So, I love the chance to add some extra crunch to their treats.  However, it is not required. If you are interested in implementing this, buy some dehydrated  garbanzo, then grind to a course powder with a traditional coffee grinder. Try and leave some big chunks in your course “flour”)

2 cups garbanzo flour (use four cups if you have opted out of the 2 cup course garbanzo)

1 cup flax seed meal ( Just grind whole flax seed into a meal. If you choose not to use flax for whatever reason, just replace with one cup of garbanzo flour)

1 well beaten raw egg

1 Tbs ground Fennel Seed

1 Tsp ground oregano

1 cup warm Bone stock ( You can use any stock of your choice. Just please, make your own. Click here to learn how.)

1 oz olive oil

Food brush

Large bowl

Small cup

13 x 9 cookie sheet pan


Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F

Mix all your dry ingredients within a proper sized bowl.

Beat your raw egg in a separate container until well blended, Then add to your dry ingredients.

Warm your cup of bone broth, then slowly add to your collected ingredients, while mixing and mashing with your hand.

Once your “treat dough” is is in a manageable state, much like a bread dough, form and press ingredients together repeatedly until they are well blended.

Clean the same cup that you mixed your egg in. Fill with your olive oil, then use your brush to lightly coat the olive oil onto your cooking pan.

I chose to cut my treats into a star shape. Obviously, this is only pleasing to us humans and offers no benefit other than that. This mean you can use whatever shape you would like. The size of my treats came out to 1″ x 1/4″. The exact cooking time was 45 minutes because of this, so adjust your cooking time accordingly. Either way, you’ll be looking at a 45-60 minutes of bake time.

Remove, then let cool before feeding to your happy pet.

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