Raw Diet Food Facts for Dogs and Cats

Can an Apple a day keep the vet away?  Can a green bean keep your dog lean?

By Bobby Lynch – June 27, 2013

Raw To The Bones has facts on these food categories: Health Support Additives, Fruits and Veggies We update or website with new information many timesa week. You can check back with us daily or sign up for our newsletter. If their is a particular food you would like to know more facts on,  just contact us.

If you considered the many health benefits of fruits and veggies for us humans, think about your dogs wellness  too.  And don’t think about the “claimed” benefits of these products that are posted on a dog’s “kibble” bag. Those are processed foods. No matter how healthy, organic or fresh they say the contents are, there still processed! Not to mention the grained-based substances and synthetic nutrients that are hidden with fancy or long incomprehensible terms. That’s why a raw diet is best, and that goes for the raw fruits or lightly steamed veggies that are contained within a raw diet.

Orange, red and yellow colored fruits and vegetables are highly nutrient dense [source: Donomor]. One major reason to include Fruits and veggies, many of them also contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer. But, just like us humans again, not all fruits and vegetables are healthy for your dog. Avoid serving your dog dyed, waxed, or genetically engineered foods; just as with humans, organic foods are best. There are also high amounts of fructose sugars in some, and many veggies have anti-nutrients. We at Raw To The Bones take those into strong consideration when designing our recipes.

Many nutrients are found in the skins of fruits and vegetables. Not only do  dogs have have  many of the enzymes to break down the cellulose walls — the outer layers of some produce that is indigestible to canines, they also have short digestive tracts, leaving less length of intestinal track to fully absorb those types of foods. That doesn’t mean a dog can’t have them, or they shouldn’t have them. It just means human intervention can vastly improve a dogs “natural” diet to prevent diseases wolves aren’t accustom to getting. Human intervention involves breaking those walls down for them by preparing fruits and vegetables in a food processor or blender, cooking or steaming vegetables, or juicing them into a pulp.  And don’t fret, if you don’t have  a food processor and your stuck with a blender, I would recommend you check out Tess Masters, better known as “The Blender Girl“.   Her philosophy can easily be combined to a healthy canine diet while teaching you the proper ways to fully benefit the use of your blender.

Raw To The Bones offers a ton of knowledge with   Health support additives, Fruit and Veggies



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