Sweet Potatoes vs Yams


Sweet potatoes and yams are often confused because of their similar appearance and taste. Each one has different health benefits and nutrition information.
Sweet potatoes have a large amount of vitamin A, critical in maintaining proper eye health. Vitamin A is fat-soluble rather than water-soluble. This means the body can store it for later use. Sweet potatoes contain higher amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin E, & twice as much protein than a yam.
Omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to prevent heart disease and increase brain stamina. Sweet potatoes contain less omega-3 fats then yams and have nearly twice as much omega six fats which are known to inhibit the body’s ability to make use of omega-3 fats.
Both the sweet potato and yam offer health benefits to dogs with diabetes. Both have a low glycemic index.
They both offer a large amount of carbohydrates(needed for energy). 40 g for yams and 45 g for sweet potatoes/8 ounce serving. Also a good source of fiber, yams provide 5 g and sweet potato 7 1/2 g/8 ounce serving. Other health benefits of yams and sweet potatoes include high concentrations of potassium, magnesium, & phosphorus, as well as several minerals such as selenium, zinc, and copper.
In conclusion both yams and sweet potatoes have their own unique benefits which are all needed by your dog. I usually pick up what’s on sale and the next time I will get the opposite. this way, my dog gets all of the benefits of both of these super foods!

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